What we provide isn't sexy...

...but it is oh, so comforting.

And it could bring YOU the financial success you deserve!

The most comprehensive internet marketing basic training you'll find ANYWHERE!

You have to learn to walk before you can run, right?  We'll teach you to break the four minute mile!

Hi, this is Krishna Woods. I’d like to tell you about a great offer I came across from Dennis Becker and Barb Ling. I’m licensed to offer you a very special deal to join them inside their Basic Skills training site, where you have access to over 400 videos on all sorts of topics that new online marketers absolutely NEED in order to succeed.

I wish I had access to these when I was just starting, it would have made things so much easier.

But here, let me let Dennis and Barb tell you more…

"We're going to give you everything you need to know so you can confidently start building a SUCCESSFUL online business."

If you've tried to make money online in the past and have quit or been unsuccessful, the chances are it's because you got stuck with some boring but essential technical task such as building a website, installing a blog and making it efficient and secure, creating graphical images, or trying to set up a payment processor.


Guess what - that's NOT building a business, it's simply a basic (but oh so essential essential) skill that most successful solopreneurs can do with their eyes shut.


I'll let you into a secret - when we are launching a new product, we barely think about the website or the sales buttons or any of that stuff...


...we concentrate on the product and the marketing because that's what makes the money for us, NOT the basic skills that take up your time if you don't know what you're doing.


But I'll also let you in on another secret... we had those struggles in the beginning also. It cost us time and money and lost opportunities because things took longer than they had to.


We didn't have a go-to place to go to where we could find our answers quickly.


YOU DO... here!

Imagine If Your Business Worked Like This:

One morning you're reading the paper or watching the news and have a GREAT idea for a product in your niche.

You open up your PC or Macbook and write it up into a report or make a quick video, take 30 minutes to make a sales page and put a payment button on, mail it out to your list...

...and in 60 minutes you've already banked hundreds of dollars in sales!

Or is THIS Your

Current Reality?

One morning you're reading the paper or watching the news and have a GREAT idea for a product in your niche.


But creating a salespage is almost impossible for you because you don't know how to install Wordpress, or use basic HTML or even how to use one of the so-called 'site builders' that are readily available.


Even supposing you get around to building that salespage (and your competitors haven't already launched the same idea you had because you took so long), you struggle with configuring your payment processor, and you don't even HAVE a mailing list because you don't know how to build one, or even why you should build one.

It's NOT your fault because you've never known

which 'basic skills' are vital and which ones you can ignore...

And That's How You Are Going To Benefit...

We have a combined knowledge of 40 years of seven figure, online business success, and quite frankly we've learned a LOT.

We know what skills a successful marketer MUST have and which ones are simply a waste of time (at least for now)​

And we've put absolutely everything you need under one roof so you can access the skills you need as you need them. Cherry-pick what you need and ignore the rest until you need them.

We know that new marketers don't have the funds to pay expensive outsourcers so this is your solution...​

We've put all this information - these PRICELESS skills - together in an easy to find, understandable, uncomplicated way so you can just cherry-pick what you need when you need it.


Need to know how to install Wordpress quickly and easily?

Forget wasting your time trying to find solutions on YouTube only to find out of date, ad-ridden videos that give you links that may or may not be safe, or at the very least make you sit through hours of useless information.


Instead get solutions that are PROVEN to work so you can get everything you need to get past your roadblock and focus on what you SHOULD be doing as a marketer - making money.

"Every time you hit an obstacle that stops you moving forwards, just log into the member's area to find your solution​."

Why Us?

Well if you've decided to invest in short-cutting your route to success, why not do it with two six-figure marketers who have over FORTY YEARS combined experience online?


We've learned what you WANT to learn. We can teach you what you NEED to learn.

"We've BEEN where you are now and know exactly what you NEED to know to move your business forward"

Dennis Becker

Coach, Six Figures

I've been online since I started my first eBay business in 1998, and in 2002 started my first internet marketing business. I struggled for 3 years, possibly by facing the roadblocks you're facing now. Finally, 2005 was the year things actually 'clicked' for me and I set up multiple streams of income by focusing on repeatable, sustainable business methods and strategies. I'm still doing that today and earn six figures a year from my online business. I've written more than 50 books to help online marketers since then.

Barb Ling

 Authority Building Marketer

Barb has been supporting her family via the internet since 1998. Her first product (that sold for $147 each!) was the only 5-Star recommended resource by Inc. Magazine (and it resulted in her first year seeing 250K). She is the author of over 100 ebooks and specializes in turning 'complicated' into 'simple'

"We know from YEARS of coaching marketers that if we can get you PAST the basic roadblocks, your chances of success SKYROCKET!"


It's different from what you might have gone through already, if you're relied on searching YouTube and/or Google....


When you join DAB Group Coaching: Basic Skills (DAB stands for Dennis and Barb, by the way), you'll get your own unique login to enter your special members area.

Inside are the core basic (but essential) topics that we've found are so necessary to beginning (or even more advanced) online marketers.

  • Topics like how to register a domain name and get your own information loaded up onto your web site.
  • Like how to set up a WordPress blogging platform as a content management system (which most marketers use now).
  • Like how to create graphical images.
  • Like how to create videos that you'll display either on your web pages, or YouTube, or both.

Not only that, but you'll gain the precious insights of knowing how to build your list right from the very beginning (and you'll love the personal story I share... in hindsight, because I wasn't aware of this basic yet critical skill, I lost well over 6 figures worth of income. :-( )

But THAT won't be your fate!


That's only a hint of what's waiting for you on the inside. Plus... lots more will be added on a regular basis (but organized and distributed to you in a way that is easy to find and digest).

If you tried to do this all by yourself it would take you MONTHS and cost Tens of thousands of dollars in investment and/or lost opportunity cost of your time

The skills we teach you (by way of over 400 videos and growing, along with other types of training) are what we call basic skills. You might not need to learn everything right away, but isn't it good, and isn't it reassuring, to know that they're available to you, and right at your fingertips, the moment you need them?

No longer do you need to stop what you're doing, figure out what you need, search YouTube or Google, sift through 100's of choices to find something up to date, and then wonder if the information is correct or not.

Plus, many of our video courses consist of 10, 15, 20 or more short (usually 3 to 6 minutes in length) videos so you get all the information in one place.

Instead of spending your time searching for answers to those basic questions, you can INVEST your time building solutions to the problems your target audience encounters.

You see, what you should be doing with your valuable time is earning money... the money you deserve!

You could be earning as a blogger, a creator of videos on YouTube, or a podcaster.

Or you could be creating an infoproduct (such as an ebook or book for Kindle for sale online) that will solve a problem for your target audience. A solution you've found to a problem you faced in the past, that if YOU would have had that solution years ago, YOUR life would have been so much easier.

There might be thousands or even millions of people now looking for that same solution, desperate for answers, willing to happily pay for what you know.

You don't want to be spending your time learning how to set up a blog or a payment button when you can instead be creating the content that will turn you into an online authority.

This is why so many people fail

I've been coaching and mentoring and watching people for over a dozen years now. I help them when I can, but I see so many give up before they reach out to me.

They get frustrated. They can't find their way past the roadblocks. They attempt to learn from information that's incorrect, out of date, or "geek speak".

Now remember, not everything you find inside your members area will be something you need right away.

And I don't want you watching 400 videos when you have better things to do. In fact there is training in our collection that I haven't mastered myself yet (the training was created by professionals in their fields), though I admit, most of it is at least familiar by now, what isn't forgotten :-)

And some if it goes beyond "basic basics".

For example: Let me tell you a personal story...

Back in 2005 I found a way to earn money, by creating simple web pages that had a collection of links to eBay auctions on them. Those links went to the top eBay auctions in an area of interest to the people who were vising my web page. And when someone clicked over to eBay and bought something, I would earn an affiliate commission.

That worked out very profitably for me at the time (very successful, to the tune of 100's of thousands of dollars profit), but here's what I did wrong...

The visitors to my page would arrive and immediately leave. They would never return.

What I should have done was have them sign up to an email list of mine, so that I could contact them in the future. Then they could have visited my web pages for other products 10, 20, 100 or more times in the future, and been a long term asset.

When you realize that I had over 3,500,000 visitors to those web pages, even if only 5% or 10% would have joined my email lsit, it would have been worth a fortune.

Why didn't I do that? I didn't know how. I didn't know why. I was too involved with earning money from what I was doing that I didn't even know how much better I could have done.

I easily left 7 figures of income "on the table" because of my ignorance of a basic skill.​

Building an email list is just one of the basic skills you'll learn in your DAB Group Coaching: Basic Skills members area.

And that's why we've created DAB Group Coaching Basic Skills.​

We'll actively work towards YOUR success on a daily basis.

I realize that once you join us, and learn all there is to learn, you'll have no reason to stick around, UNLESS...


I further promise you that we'll regularly update and enhance what we provide you. See, things change, and new techniques come along all the time.


Most people don't even know that what worked last month or last year doesn't work so well today.


But as a member of DAB Group Coaching: Basic Skills, you'll know!

Why are we making this available?

We've seen the frustration.


We've heard the questions.


We've been where you are now, and both know and understand your struggles.


Because we've been there - we know that most people give up NOT because they're no good at marketing but because of the simple obstacles that WILL occur when you're first setting up your business.


We want to help.


We want to give something back.

Why this is virtually RISK-FREE

I'm offering you a no-questions-asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to take all the risk off your shoulders. You're about to put a proven and battle-tested system into your hands right now. Once you've done so, if you don't believe that it was worth 1000x your investment, please let me know, and I will personally refund every penny on the spot.

And here's our LIMITED Introductory Offer...

We could easily charge hundreds of dollars for the training that we're providing inside DAB Group Coaching: Basic Skills, and it would be a bargain!


But instead, we realize that you might not need access to our extensive libraries for the long term, and that you might not need to learn every topic we have available.


So instead of charging you a large price, as an introductory offer, you can join on a month by month basis. Stick around for as long as you like, and no longer than you need. Some will choose to stay with us for longer because we do promise to keep things up to date, and expand on our training regularly, but if you don't need that, you can cancel anytime.


Between Barb and me (Krishna), we've been around the block many times, have succeeded and failed and learned and in many cases have written the books and reports about lots of things you have questions about, wondered about, or forgotten about.


Much of that information will be made available to you.


And with that being said, here's our offer...


$29.97 for the first month and $9.97 for additional month

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Wishing you the best,

Krishna Woods


P.S.There's no time like the present to get started. I can't guarantee this introductory price will be available tomorrow, and every day, week, month you delay is never coming back. Let's start this now.

DAB Basic Skills Course

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